What Inspires You?

Feb 05, 2013


I remember when I was a young kid and watched Saturday morning cartoons. I remember when I was five my favorite cartoon was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I had all of the action figures. Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo. I had the vehicles, the bad guys. I even had the Leonardo dress-up set. It came with an eye mask (also a green snout to make you more turtlesque), a belt, and two small swords. I went around the house kicking and punching furniture, stuffed animals, whatever I could kick or punch. It drove my parents crazy! But I just loved it so much.

As I got older (8 or 9) the Power Rangers came out. That was it. I was hooked on martial arts. A group of teenagers who went around saving the world from evil using martial arts. This truly inspired me to be this great martial artist so that I could go around saving the world.

Fast forward almost 20 years later.

I have been doing martial arts now for seventeen years now. I have been teaching for fourteen years. I am still in love with the martial arts. It inspires me to keep going. It inspires me to work towards my goals, to persevere above any struggles or setbacks. If I run into a challenge in everyday life I don’t just give up because it’s too difficult. I keep at it. Never giving up. Never surrendering. Because I want to see what ever the challenge is, be resolved by using the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with. I keep going because I was inspired by four turtles and six teenagers who used martial arts to do good.

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Check out this video below to see what inspires Matt Emig, a world champion man times over.