Adult Martial Arts in Indianapolis

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Impact: Designed for High Schoolers and Adults

Our Impact classes are designed for adults and high schoolers who are looking for more than just martial arts. We help our Impact students learn ways in which they can impact their lives.

What’s different about training in our Impact class at The Way Martial Arts?

We focus on three main areas:

  1. Fitness
  2. Self-Defense
  3. Life-Skills

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We want to see all of our Impact members grow in their training. We want to see confidence being built in their techniques and in the ability to defend themselves or their families.

We want to see our members grow stronger and leaner. We want to see their overall health improve.

We want to see a lifestyle change because of your training. Martial arts is about more than just kicking and punching, its about living your life in a way that truly reflects who you are. We help you gain the skills and confidence necessary to take on anything.

Benefits for Impact Students:

  • Excellent workout
  • Time for yourself
  • Gain flexibility
  • Major stress relief
  • More self confidence
  • Goal setting
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Meet new people
  • Develop a more positive attitude about everything
  • Feel safer
  • Be able to protect loved ones

Our classes consist of traditional martial arts techniques, reality-based self-defense and fitness challenges to help you live the life you truly want for yourself.

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